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Love Story Spotlight: Elisheba and Ricky | Gilbert, AZ

There is a special love story to share with you today. I love working with all my couples, but this one is close to my heart because Elisheba is my sister-in-law. As someone who doesn’t have any biological sisters, it brought me so much joy to be able to photograph her marriage to Ricky. We were happy to welcome another member into our family! 

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Their Love Story

Elisheba and Ricky both went to a winter camp through Redemption Gilbert church in 2021. It was a great opportunity to grow in their relationship with Christ and meet some great people along the way, including each other! They began a sweet friendship that led to them dating a few weeks later. 

Elisheba loves that Ricky can always make her laugh, even when she’s annoyed with him! Ricky loves how calm Elisheba is. He is always playfully teasing her, which has created a solid foundation of friendship between the two. 

On proposal day, Ricky asked Elisheba to grab a coffee and go on a walk at Four Silos Park. She was wearing workout clothes, and he was in jeans, so she didn’t suspect anything at first. But Ricky was acting weird, and the thought crossed her mind that he might propose. She brushed it off, and they continued their walk. 

They walked around the lake six times before they finally made it to the spot Ricky picked out to propose. Elisheba remembers, “He started telling me that he was nervous and maybe going to throw up. Then he tried to get down on one knee but was shaking so badly that he had to stand back up and kneel again. I was watching him in shock! When he asked me to marry him, I said ‘yes’, and he stood up and closed the ring box! I’m like, ‘You have to actually give me the ring!’” The pair continued their walk officially engaged. 

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The Wedding Day

Their wedding took place in Arizona at Redemption Gilbert church in Gilbert Arizona, the place they met! It was such an honor to be able to capture her beautiful day while serving her and Ricky. 

Something sweet about their wedding was that they had all their close family and friends join them on their most special day! They had intimate moments of prayer and worship at their wedding, which solidified their union.

The pair loved everything about their wedding, from the dress, decorations, taco dinner, and having people important to them emcee and officiate. Elisheba described their wedding as “peaceful”, a perfect description of the day. Many couples are overly stressed on their wedding day, so for her to describe it as peaceful speaks volumes! I truly believe they are meant to be!

I cried while editing their sneak peek photos because of all the joy I feel for these two beautiful souls! God has done something so amazing by bringing Elisheba and Ricky together. I admire that they started their relationship by seeking God and continue doing so as a couple. 

I have the privilege to continue to witness the wonderful things God is doing in their lives. Although that may not be the situation with every wedding photography client, I love being a small part of a momentous time in the couple’s lives! 

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On your special day, you have entrusted me with your most beautiful, treasurable moments. You are the story the photos want to tell. I want to be there to support you and relieve any stress that you might be feeling. The time-stilled photos will convey your story, and it will forever be remembered and cherished. If you or someone you know is in need of a wedding photographer, contact me today! I’d love to serve you!

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